Hi Doug
       Just wanted to give you an update. we did find a Great Northern set
of s and p and the sugar bowl marked on the bottom and also the # 1031.
Also was a sad day as we saw over 500 plus pieces of Shawnee fake corn and the corn cookie jars, also had the China labels still on them as Ed and I took prices
down. This is how it went - corn king cookie jar $30.00  corn king individual tea
pot $45.00, corn king individual casserole $45.00, corn  king coffee mugs $25.00,
large corn king s and p $20.00 and the small corn king s  and p $15.00 and people
were buying them like crazy, sad sad sad. Just wanted to give a heads up on
what was going on. The weather was great though. That's all  for now, if you have
any questions please feel free to email us. Thanks, Robert and  Ed
The latest report on the repro Cornware from the Springfield Extrav -
I'll run the Great Northern pieces in the next Newsletter.
Added note - another ebay private auction seller of this junk - username,