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  It seems as I get older, I get lazier. It shouldn't be this way, but spare time seems to be disappearing as well. I have pictures that were sent to me two years ago that I have wanted to share, some I have lost track of who sent them. In this day of easy address information availability on the Internet I am hesitant about divulging names. So we'll see how this exercise works. This should help with keeping up to date on Ebay FAKES.                                    To make it work, click the date below.  I'm always open to input -  Input
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Jan 14   A new batch of LIES
Jan 15   Pay Attention #1
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Aug 10    46 & 47
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Sept 13   Lamps
Sept 18   Muggsey Shakers
Sept 20   Cornware update
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Jan 9      Larry's first of the new year   Updated Jan 17th 
Mar 17   The Proof - again !
Mar 21   And again !!!!!!!
Apr 21    Ebay gets a cut of it
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May 22   Striking GOLD
Jun 12   Proof - Gold is not always a good investment
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Jan 9    Larry thinks you are dumb
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