Larry (mcckoy4u2) revisited - the elves have been busy in Kentucky. Here are some of his latest CREATIONS.
If you buy gold and platinum from this guy the odds are very high you're getting burnt. If you think I'm being unfair with this dirt ball, continue down the page -
The above McCoy wallpocket, with a twin, was bought on Ebay for $120 in early December by Larry. What do you say when Larry sells a rare gold trimmed one in February? I hate to see people got taken, especially to the tune of $510.
The colors don't appear the same (a lot of factors contribute to that), I had to brighten his usual dark pictures. He describes it as brown and of course rare. He sells a lot of "rare" gold trimmed pieces of McCoy as well as Shawnee. When confronted, he said "let the market decide". I wish the market could see this, maybe it would change.
Ebay item 330086023476
Ebay item 7380283456