Looks like the flood has begun. This looks like the last post continued. Finally the cornware line is contaminated with junk - creamer, lg pitcher, small teapot, large teapot, cov butter and mugs. My guess is next week we'll see the plates and bowls. No need to panic yet, just know your vintage Shawnee marks. I'll get into this deeper in the next newsletter. Right now I just want to get the word out. Tell your collecting friends.
  It looks like most of it is coming from the SE. To name some names -  more-vintage-stuff, treasures-4ever, and keisha0226. sscauper is selling this trash but at least describes it as "new". Think private auctions, too.
All of the above is reproduced Cornware by the NEW Shawnee pottery company.
Below is a vintage Shawnee creamer bottom. The Butter Dish and most other pieces, including bowls and plates, have a similar mark with the word "Oven Proof"
Cookie Jar