Ebay Hall of Shame
For you folks that pay attention - here are some new names and "Shawnee" cookie jars to avoid.
glassoffaith, heartland-collectibles, ncglassandcollectibles, southern-best, robertg386, unity489, waynero66, griffin30, kearney006, and today's winner of the Puke Award - oksoonergrl.
"You are bidding on a matching pair of Shawnee Pigs . These cookie jars are in mint condition no cracks , no chips , no wear to paint . To my knowledge the have been sitting in a curio cabinet for years . They where passed down to my grandmother and now to me . Both pigs on the bottom are also marked usa . I do not know alot about these pigs but i did a little research and found out they started making smiley pigs around 1937 and continued to the 61 . Please feel free to ask me any questions you may have ."
  The following pictures are from the auctions of the sad bunch listed above. Some, not all are private auctions.
Some of these are active auctions, you can still retract your bid if you don't want to buy a fake vintage Shawnee cookiejar.