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Item Title:            SHAWNEE Hand Painted Rooster Pitcher Pottery VERY NICE
Item Number:           140219488638
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End Date:              Apr-03-08 17:55:26 PDT

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lvnmyredjeep (135)
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Great Gold Leaf accents it seems.

This item is clearly marked in the pottery SHAWNEE

ALMOST MINT condition. Age cracks and a few rough places in the flower decals...assume normal for this beautiful item.

No idea of the actual age, just remember it being atop grandparents fridge collecting Grandfathers marbles all the time, (I am keeping the marbles)

No chips or anything alike. Cute item if rooster, pitcher, or Shawnee collector.

This item comes from a smoke-free home.

I have seen these for as high as $349.00

Don't know how to ask for a value on it...I just wanted the marbles inside and why I asked for it. Thanks for bidding.
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  I understand that some of this junk gets listed innocently. I also understand that some listings are a lie. This one is listed by a liar. This seller must be a brilliant two years old. These repros have been on the market about two years. When asked about the authenticity of the pitcher, this was the reply -

Dear ---------,

"OK, believe I clearly stated it is marked Shawnee...and never did say
original. I know nothing about antiques and make no claims to.

-lvnmyredjeep "
  When asked if the marbles were repros too -
"Dear --------,

Have no idea, I just like them.

- lvnmyredjeep"
It's such a shame Ebay protects these out and out liars.